Fenix Link Technology

Fenix Link technology is IoT platform for LPWAN-networks (Low-power Wide-area Network) Our equipment has solutions based on LoRa, NB-IoT. We also designed our own radio protocol ZiNa.

We have created ready-made solutions for data collection in utility services, industry, energy and other spheres.

Fenix system components:

Radio getaway for Fenix network. All -purpose device for collecting and transmitting data from counters and modems and providing communication betwin them within a radius up to 10 km in city and up to 30 km in the open area.

Our metering devices and sensors with integrated radio-modules are ready to function within Fenix network in different spheres. Plug-and-play!

In user’s cloud service by Fenix allows you can control and watch meter’s data of current resource consumption in real time.

Innovative system of wireless data transmission allows you to build highly efficient networks for IoT.

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