smart meter integrated with radio module

No modem required,
so it is easy integrated into commercial water accounting.

First wireless water meter of accuracy class C in Russia! Fenix Link has released a brand new device that makes water metering accurate and efficient. AQUA 2C by Fenix Link is a new generation of smart water meter with standard metrological characteristics that takes water supply in housing and utilities sector to a new level. Increased accuracy is ensured by the absence of mechanical elements of the counting mechanism and improved design of the drenching part. The built-in sensor detects magnet and radio module transmits data and alarms to your CloudMeter console.

Accuracy class

class c, GOST P 50193.1-92

Installed length

110 mm, 80 mm

Connection diameter

15 mm

Operating temperature

from +5 to + 90 °С


AA-type; 3,6 V

Upload submission frequency

12 hours

Frequency range

868,8 MHz, does not require licensing

Transmission power

up to 25 MW, does not require licensing

Communication protocol

compatible ZiNa LPWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M and GSM

Data encryption


Communications distance

within city — 10 km, open area — 50 km

Average autonomous operation

10 years

Verification time

6 years


Fenix Link (Russia)

  • Who installs meters?

Installation of AQUA 2C with a radio modem is the same as of ordinary meters. Installation can be done by a regular plumber! Our smart meters do not require calibration or adjustment – set and forget!

Installation of intermediate equipment: concentrators, repeaters or retranslators is not required. So, you will save your money for equipment and installation!

  • What happens if meter fails?

If AQUA 2C failure, our technical support will perform remote diagnostics. If the falure is confirmed, we will replace this device according to the warranty obligations.

Warranty for AQUA 2C meter and radio modem is 24 months, and average service life – 12 years.

  • What happens if the gateway does not receive a signal?

If the communication session with gateway failed, all the data accumulated by the meter will not be lost and will be sent during the subsequent session. After that, statistics for the missing period will be displayed in your CloudMeter.

  • How to connect AQUA 2C to network?

There are two ways:

  1. Deploy telemetric network of Fenix Link within your city, for instance. It’s no-charge connection.
  2. Or you can deploy your private network using our radio Fenix gateway— operating range: up to 10 km within city, up to 40 km in open areas.

In both cases, all data from AQUA 2C will be transmitted via the Internet to yout CloudMeter.

  • What is the radiant power?

The radiant power is up to 25 MWth. It is 80 times weaker than a cell phone signal. Data are transmitted in a matter of seconds. It’s completely safe.


Magnet sensor is activated
in case of strong magnetic field
detection and transmits
signal to operator to CloudMeter
indicating current time
and apartment.


Radio protocol and smart meter
designed and produced
in Russia. Support and
development are provided
by engineers
of Fenix Link company.


Any plumber can install! Installation is the same as of ordinary water meters. Our meter does not require calibration or adjustment. Set and forget!


You can deploy
private or closed network
and pay-as-you-go. 10 years
of operation
of our devices. Low
forced delay.


The less equipment — the lesser budget.​


Transmission range up to 10 km, incl. basements and thick walls.


Price for AQUA 2С is well below its analogues.


Commissioning is very simple.
Do not waste your time. Installation
within 15 minutes.


Quantity of tariffs: 4

Protection level: IP54

Validity verification: 16 years

Warranty: 40 months



Frequency: 868,8 MHz (does not require licensing)

Capacity: up to 25 MW

Range of signal: 10 km within city

Signal encryption: XTEA-256


Remotely switch off power load of the defaulter

Data in personal account

Average lifetime: 30 years

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