Smart meter with radio module

No external modem is required which means it is easily integrated into heat metering systems

Smart heat meter from Fenix Link with built-in radio module for remote metering of thermal energy in residential sector

  • All data in CloudMeter – user’s personal account

  • 10 years of single AA-battery operation

  • 10 km radius of data transmission within a city

  • Easy installation. Set and forget

  • Made in Russia Our devices are engineered and produced in Russia. Support is provide by Russian team of Fenix Link
Radio protocol

совместим с ZiNa LPWAN, NB-IoT.

Transmission power

up to 25 MWth

Bit rate

up to 100 bod/sec

Archival life

up to 20 years

Verification time

12 years

Total value with cumulative total in volume measurement, m³

up to 99999,999

Total value with a cumulative total when measuring thermal energy, Gcal (GJ, MW · h, kW · h)

up to 99999,999

Limits of absolute error in temperature measurement, ° C

± (0.3 + 0.005⋅t), where: t – measured temperature value, ° С

Limits of permissible error when measuring the temperature difference, ° C

± (0.09 + 0.005 · Δt), where: Δt is value of the temperature difference in supply and return pipelines, ° С

Limits of the allowed relative error at thermal energy,%

± (2 + 12 / Δt + 0.01⋅qmax / qi), where: qi and qmax are the value of the coolant flow rate and its maximum value, m³ / h

Limits of relative error in measuring and converting of pulses number, at least 3000 pulses into measured values,%

± 0,04

Allowed daily course of hours, with

± 9

Temperature measurement range, ° С

0 – 105

Measurement range of temperature difference, ° С

3 – 95

Maximum working pressure, MPa


Cable length of the temperature measuring transducer, m, not more

1,5 (5,0)*

Diameter of temperature measuring transducer, mm, not more


Operating ambient temperature, ° С

5 — 50

atmospheric pressure, kPa

from 84 to 106,7

relative humidity of ambient air at 35 ° С,%

up to 95

Protection of the case from dust and water, GOST 14254-96


Battery life, years, not less


Nominal diameter (DN), mm

15 / 20

Maximum consumption qmax, m³ / h

3 / 5

Nominal flow rate qn, m³ / h

1,5 / 2,5

Transitional flow qt, m³ / h

0,15 / 0,25

Minimum flow qmin, m³ / h

0,015 / 0,025

Overall dimensions (L × W × H), mm, not more

110х90х125 / 130х90х120

The length of the drenching part with adapters, mm, not more

190 / 230

  • Who performs the installation of heat meters?

Installation of our heat meters with a radio modem is the same as of ordinary meters. Installation can be done by any regular plumber! Set and forget!

Installation of intermediate equipment: concentrators, repeaters or retranslators is not required. So, you will save your money for equipment and installation!

  • What happens if meter fails?

If our heat meter fails, our technical support will perform remote diagnostics. If the falure is confirmed, we will replace this device according to the warranty obligations.

Warranty for heat meter and radio modem is 24 months, and average service life – 12 years.

  • What happens if the gateway does not receive a signal?

If the communication session with gateway failed, all the data accumulated by the meter will not be lost and will be sent during the subsequent session. After that, statistics for the missing period will be displayed in your CloudMeter.

  • How to connect heat meter to network?

There are two ways:

  1. Deploy telemetric network of Fenix Link within your city, for instance. It’s no-charge connection.
  2. Or you can deploy your private network using our radio Fenix gateway— operating range: up to 10 km within city, up to 40 km in open areas.

In both cases, all data from heat meter will be transmitted via the Internet to yout CloudMeter.

  • What is the radiant power?

The radiant power is up to 25 MWth. It is 80 times weaker than a cell phone signal. Data are transmitted in a matter of seconds. It’s completely safe.


High reliability.
Installation is cheaper. Price is lower.


The less equipment — the lesser budget.​


Price for our heat meters is well below its analogues.


Mitigates losses up to 3-4%! Real-time captures every loss and unbalance.


Quantity of tariffs: 4

Protection level: IP54

Validity verification: 16 years

Warranty: 40 months



Frequency: 868,8 MHz (does not require licensing)

Capacity: up to 25 MW

Range of signal: 10 km within city

Signal encryption: XTEA-256


Remotely switch off power load of the defaulter

Data in personal account

Average lifetime: 30 years

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