Counts and transmits data of consumption to your personal account.

Does not require an external modem. Easily integrated in commercial electricity metering systems.

Single-phase smart electric meter VIKING 1 for remote electricity metering for utility, commercial and industrial sectors.

Built-in LPWAN-module provides two-way communication with radio gateway remotely controlling electricmeter and transmitting information via the Internet.

  • 10 km signal range. Smart meter functions on radio protocol ZiNa LPWAN. Transmission range is 10 km within city.

  • Reliability. Smart meter is autonomous due to back-up power source. All data is stored in non-volatile memory and will not be lost.

A distinctive feature of our products is remote control. Operator can manually stop or resume power supply of consumer, adjust the maximum load of consumer from the control panel of our web service.

If the specified voltage threshold is exceeded, the electric meter disconnects the load from the network. Smart meter has a built-in power source and functions even in case of blackout. Non-volatile storage protects data from loss, even if the off-line power is turned off.

You can get additional information about modifications of VIKING 1 in our sales department.


700 g.

External Size

172 x 119 x 59 mm

Frequency range

868,8 MHz, does not require licensing

Transmission power

up to 25 MWth

Bit rate

50 bps

Communication protocol

compatible with ZiNa LPWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M и GSM

Main power supply

~ 220 V, main supply


lithium, 3,6 V

Operating temperature

from −40 to +85 °C

Warranty period

24 months

Verification time

16 years

Trip relay

with built-in relay


Fenix Link (Russia)

  • Who provides installation of smart meters?

The installation of VIKING 1 with a radio modem is the same as installation of standard electricity meters. Installation can perform a regular electrician. Our smart meters do not require calibration or adjustment – set and forget!

Installation of intermediate equipment: concentrators, repeaters or retranslators is not required. We save your money not only on equipment, but also on installation of electricity meters.

  • What happens if meter fails?

If VIKING 1 fails, our technical support service will perform remote diagnostics of the device. If the failure is confirmed, we will replace this device according to the warranty obligations.

The warranty for VIKING 1 and radio modem is 24 months, and the average service life is 12 years.

  • What happens if the gateway does not receive a signal?

If the communication session with gateway failed, all the data accumulated by the meter will not be lost and will be sent during the subsequent session. After that, statistics for the missing period will be displayed in your personal account.

  • How to connect the electric meter to the network?

There are two ways:

  1. Connect to the Fenix Link National Telematics Network within your city, for instance. It’s no-charge connection.
  2. If there is no coverage, deploy your private network using a compact radio gateway – range: up to 10 km in the city.

In both cases, all data received by VIKING 1 will be transmitted via the Internet to your personal account.

  • What is the radiant power?

The radiant power is up to 25 MWth. It is 80 times weaker than a cell phone signal. Data are transmitted in a matter of seconds. It’s completely safe.


Now you can remotely limit the load of defaulters. If the specified threshold is exceeded, the meter disconnects the subscriber from the network.


Radio protocol and smart meter
designed and produced
in Russia. Support and
development are provided
by engineers
of Fenix Link company.


Any electrician can install! Installation is no different from the one of ordinary electricity meters. Our meter does not require calibration or adjustment. Set and forget!


You can deploy
private or closed network
and pay-as-you-go.
10 years of autonomous work
of our devices. Low
forced delay.


High reliability.
Installation is cheaper. Price is lower.


Mitigates losses up to 3-4%! VIKING 1 in real-time captures every kW, loss and unbalance.


The less equipment — the lesser your budget.​


Price for VIKING 1 is much lower than on it's analogs ZigBee / MBus / GPRS.

Advantages of VIKING 1

4 tariffs

4 built-in tariffs for efficient multi-tariff accounting. It can also function as one-tariff meter.

All data are on-line in your personal account

Controls power consumption remotely from your personal account.

Efficient communication

It operates at an unlicensed frequency of 868.8 MHz and transmits data for tens of kilometers with minimal power consumption.

Higher reliability - cheaper estimates

VIKING 1 transmits data directly to radio gateway, without intermediate equipment.

2 000 000 of devices per 1 radio gateway

One Fenix radio gateway
serves 2 000 000 devices per day. Automated Utility Metering System expands without additional equipment.

100% poll rate

We guarantee the reliability of data for each VIKING 1 during the day.


Quantity of tariffs: 4

Protection level: IP54

Validity verification: 16 years

Warranty: 40 months



Frequency: 868,8 MHz (does not require licensing)

Capacity: up to 25 MW

Range of signal: 10 km within city

Signal encryption: XTEA-256


Remotely switch off power load of the defaulter

Data in personal account

Average lifetime: 30 years

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