30% higher and precise data collection

  • Accurate data on the house-to-house consumption. Get it just in time!
  • Make out bills for your consumers.
  • Get full payment for the consumed resources.


  • Transmission from meter to gateway — up to 10 km
  • Remote data collection from all meters of apartments, districts, residential neighborhoods, cities

4 times cheaper!

  • Our equipment is much profitable than analogues
  • WireLESS system
  • Without start-up expenditures which means much cheaper!


  • Mitigates losses up to 3-4%!
  • Remotely fixes losses and imbalance


All consumption data are on-line

  • Your CloudMeter keeps all consumption data
  • Observe and control resouces consumption for each apartment
  • Get alerts in case of interference in your meters operation

Plug-and-play installation!

  • 15 minutes and your meter is ready to work
  • No need for additional training
  • Your full-time speciailst can easily make it!

Transparent accounting

Precise data from utility company to end-consumer

Simple uploading of reports

  • Downloading your reports and balances is several-clicks ease
  • Your accountant will save time and say Thank o you!

10 years functioning from one battery

Remote data transfer to your CloudMeter

No concentrators, keep your budget save

15 minutes for installation by any staff member

Transmission range is 10-50 km

1 000 000 of devices for only 1 gateway

10 years of autonomous work

Signal that "crushes" 3 walls

Energy-efficient wireless communication protocol

Our devices transmit data for tens of kilometers for several years from 1 battery only

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